In Reconciliation we receive Jesus’ healing grace. Symbolized by the confession of sins and granting of absolution by a priest, we are granted God’s forgiveness through Reconciliation.

  • For school-aged children to receive First Reconciliation they must be Baptized, enrolled in classes and have the support of the family.

  • If your child was not Baptized at St. Julian and we do not already have a copy of their Baptismal Certificate on file, a copy is required prior to receiving First Reconciliation.

  • Additionally, Reconciliation is available on Saturday afternoons between 4:30pm and 5pm, or by appointment.

  • During Lent and Advent special Reconciliation Services or extended hours for Reconciliation may be available. Please consult the Parish Calendar or weekly bulletin for dates and times.

Questions? Please contact the Parish Office (847) 956-0130 or for more information or to check available dates and register for Baptisms and/or Baptismal Prep Classes.